What I believe about work

I believe that transforming how we work benefits not only employees and the self-employed, but also employers, organisations and society as a whole.

Here’s what I believe is work at its best:

  • Healthy, sustainable work styles and rhythms
  • Quality of life: working life balanced with family life, community life and personal life
  • Work that nurtures and grows human potential by being a source of fulfillment, purpose, meaning and self-realisation
  • Work that enables people to learn about their strengths, their values and their passions
  • Designing roles that suit people, not shoe-horning people into rigid roles
  • Belonging: creating communities where we feel connected, communicate effectively and are mutually invested in each other’s wellbeing
  • Work that prioritises diversity and inclusivity
  • Work that champions self-expression and authenticity
  • The development of conscious, reflective leadership, so that all of the above can happen

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