Working with Lorna has made such a big difference to my life. My stress levels are lower, work takes up less of my headspace, and I have much more time for the stuff that matters. Friends have even said they can see the difference.

I contacted Lorna after hearing her interviewed on a podcast. I was completely burnt out from work problems and didn’t know where to start making things better.

Lorna has a great ability to help you see the wood for the trees and get going on finding the solutions you need. It is great to have someone who can help you see things in a different light, or point you to where you might find your own solutions. 



Lorna is very warm and friendly and was quick to put me at ease. I appreciated her ability to guide without directing as I took time to explore my choices going forward. I enjoyed our coaching sessions and feel energised to take action.

Marie Adams Review

Marie Adams

Lorna has a warm, professional manner about her that makes you feel looked after and safe. Her coaching sessions were enlightening, supportive and left me feeling reassured and relaxed. I woll recommend her to all my friends in need of some coaching!

Anna Wood review

Anna Wood

Great experience, many new ideas to work on. Thank you to Lorna, for her enthusiasm, help and support. Thrive Positive highly recommended. Thank you so much 😊

Eleonora Scalise review

Eleonora Scalise

You are amazing and I am really very grateful for the sessions we had. I had some big breakthroughs particularly around money and I am making big changes because of it.. It’s not been easy but the truth is setting me free. Thank you for being a key part in this every unfolding process 🙂

Thrive Positive review by Jayne Seawright

Jayne Seawright

Lorna is a highly intuitive, values-centred coach who became fully invested in my vision, helping me explore all possibilities that would capitalise on my passions and strengths. Her depth of understanding of the human mind along with her positive, uplifting and fun personality make her such a joy to work and grow with.
Lorna is able to articulate what is going on based on what she senses, which creates a high level of awareness. Her insights and great questions have enabled me to focus on what I do best.
I would highly recommend Lorna.
Rachel Neill

Rachel Neill

There were many areas that Lorna helped me explore, but if had to pick one thing that stands out, it would be the power of self-compassion. As a ‘bit’ of a perfectionist I didn’t realise how hard I was being on myself. So exploring self-compassion has been incredibly helpful.

Karen Golightly

Karen Golightly

Before I started working with Lorna I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck with my new business venture. I knew where I wanted to be going but just didn’t feel confident or clear about it. And then I started working with Lorna and I’ve never looked back since. Could not recommend her coaching services enough as she has helped give me the confidence to really start trusting in my dreams. To have somebody to listen to you and then remind you of what your goals are when you first started was invaluable. She kept me on track and helped me to achieve so much in a short space of time.

Joanna Miller