When you’re in a rut, nothing beats having someone to help you see the light and move forward!

After running a business for nearly five years, I’d lost my zing.  I was feeling guilty for wanting more, and frustrated that I couldn’t find my way forward.

It was like being stuck on a round-about.  I’d finally think I knew which turn to take, then just as quickly I’d second guess myself and end up going around again.

I knew my life and career needed an overhaul, but I simply couldn’t figure it out.

I needed someone who would hear me out without being personally affected by what I said (unlike family and friends, no matter how good they are!).  Someone who would help me see the big picture and notice opportunities I didn’t.  Someone who would help me map out my next steps and stay motivated to take them.

Of course, I didn’t realise that then!

I tried going it alone: painfully, plagued by constant doubt, and taking far too long.  It was no fun whatsoever, and I wish I’d saved the time, money and heartache by simply reaching out to someone to help me co-pilot!

So now I’m offering to be your co-pilot.  My own experiences mean I’ve racked up enough insight to save you years of struggle!  Plus I’ve got qualifications coming out of my ears…

Why work with me?

I qualified as a coach (life/career/business/executive) through the Association for Coaching and have a postgrad in Positive Psychology, and so I practise a form of Appreciative Coaching that helps clients get out of the weeds and realise their strengths and opportunities.  It’s exciting!

I have two further masters in Sociology and Anthropology, which gives me a fantastic big picture view of human belief and behaviour and the systems we exist in, so I can take our sessions ‘meta’ if you’re philosophically-inclined.  Or at least help you recognise how your experiences are influenced by the world around us. Thought-provoking stuff.

Another thing you might find helpful is that I’ve been an international teacher, trainer, lecturer, mentor and guide for over 20 years, so I’ve got a really good handle on supporting different kinds of people from wide-ranging backgrounds, including those whose first language isn’t English.

So then, if you’re feeling stuck, I might just be the best person to help you get unstuck!

Let’s have a chat, see if we click.  Book a free (no obligation!) 15 minute video call to ask any questions and get to know me better.

What happens in coaching?

That’s somewhat down to you.  You bring the focus, I bring the process.

The process involves me helping you get somewhere, whether it’s goal achievement or greater awareness or mindfully harnessing opportunities.

I don’t tell you what to do or judge your choices as good or bad.  Instead, I help you think things through as your reflective, questioning, observing and caring partner.

I share what I notice about you, challenge your thinking, help you connect the dots, and highlight your strengths and potential every step of the way.  I’m your accountability partner and I keep you on track.

In the long-term, I teach you how to be your own coach.

As for timing and duration, it depends on your needs and preferences.  Some people find six one-hour weekly sessions enough, others prefer a minimum of twelve.  Some like to meet once a fortnight or once a month for six months or more.  Others want one or two sessions to get them going, then they touch base every now and then for a refuel.

Get in touch and we can see what works for you.

Fyi, my coaching rates are on a sliding scale depending on what you can afford.