When you’re in a rut, nothing beats having someone to help you see the light and solve the problem!

After running a business for nearly five years, I’d lost my zing.  I was feeling guilty for wanting more, and frustrated that I couldn’t find my way forward.

It was like being stuck on a round-about.  I’d finally think I knew which turn to take, then just as quickly I’d second guess myself and end up going around again.

I knew my life and career needed an overhaul, but I simply couldn’t figure it out.

I needed someone who would hear me out without being personally affected by what I said (unlike family and friends, no matter how good they are!).  Someone who would help me see the big picture and notice opportunities I didn’t.  Someone who would help me map out my next steps and stay motivated to take them.

Of course, I didn’t realise that then!

I tried going it alone: painfully, plagued by constant doubt, and taking far too long.  It was no fun whatsoever, and I wish I’d saved the time, money and heartache by simply reaching out to someone to help me co-pilot!

Instead, I read dozens of books and listened to hours of podcasts on personal and career development, studied Positive Psychology, and quizzed a multitude of seemingly fulfilled people about how they do it.

In the process I discovered my own core driving force: helping people craft lives, careers and businesses that allow them to feel authentic and alive.

And I’ve also racked up enough insight and experience to save you years of struggle!

So then, if you’re feeling stuck, I might just be the best person to help you get unstuck.

Let’s have a chat, see if we click!  Book a free (no obligation!) 15 minute video call to ask any questions and get to know me better.

My coaching rates are on a sliding scale.