Career Change Course

Ready for change?

Then join our six-week career change course in Edinburgh!

Figure out your new direction and gain the tools to ease the way while working in a small group of smart, creative and passionate folk who are motivated to do work they love!

Starting Wednesday 23rd January 2019, workshops are weekly at Summerhall from 6.30pm to 8.30pm till 27th February.

The total cost is £120, which includes the six week programme and materials, plus a free one hour one-to-one coaching session with an Association for Coaching qualified coach. You will also be eligible for discounted further coaching sessions.


Please note: There are 12 places on the course, and you will often work in small groups. We welcome participants who are open-minded, friendly and supportive of their course mates. It’s central to everyone’s enjoyment and success that we are there for each other, so please do make sure you’re on the same page before you sign up. Thanks!

Course Description:

Using the Pivot Method, designed by the co-creator of Google’s Career Guru Programme, Jenny Blake, you will identify your strengths, values and passions, create a powerful vision of where you want to go, strategise how to get there, learn techniques for overcoming doubt and fear, run small experiments in your new direction, plan how to bounce back from failure, and get ready to launch your next career!

Workshops are highly interactive, filled with group discussion, activities to help you gain personal insight and create a working action plan, tools and tips to get over hurdles, and useful lessons and experiences about changing careers.

Your facilitator, Lorna Lythgoe, is an experienced trainer and a qualified coach with a background in Positive Psychology who has been helping people succeed and thrive for over 20 years.

Programme Overview:

Week 1 – Plant, part 1

What’s working? What are your strengths? What do you value? What do you love?

Week 2 – Plant, part 2

What does success look like one year from now? What’s your vision? How can you stay on track in the face of fear and doubt?

Week 3 – Scan, part 1

What people, skills and opportunities can help you get where you’re going? Who do you need to speak to? What knowledge and skills gaps do you need to plug?

Week 4 – Scan, part 2

How can you make sure opportunities find you? What techniques can you use to bolster confidence and counter negative thinking?

Week 5 – Pilot

What small experiments can you run to test your new direction? What low-risk actions or projects can you try? What’s your ‘MVP’?

Week 6 – Launch

When will you know you’re ready to launch? What are the relative merits of going fast or slow? How can you bounce back from failure? How can you ensure success?

Pivot Method in a nutshell:


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