Career change and life coaching in Edinburgh and online, helping all you meaning-seekers craft balanced and successful lives, careers and businesses.  Feel authentic and alive again!

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What does it take to love life?

It’s not money, we know that.

It’s about knowing the source code of what makes you feel most alive.

It’s about crafting a sustainable, balanced lifestyle that allows you to become all you can.

It’s about doing what you’re on this earth to do.

Acting in alignment with your core self has a positive ripple effect on everyone around you and everything you do.

When you’re happy and fulfilled, everyone wins!

(Want to know what I believe about transforming the way we work?)

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When you’re in a rut, nothing beats having someone to help you see the light and move forward!

After running a business for nearly five years, I’d lost my zing.  I was feeling guilty for wanting more, and frustrated that I couldn’t find my way forward.

It was like being stuck on a round-about.  I’d finally think I knew which turn to take, then just as quickly I’d second guess myself and end up going around again.

I knew my life and career needed an overhaul, but I simply couldn’t figure it out.

I needed someone who would hear me out without being personally affected by what I said (unlike family and friends, no matter how good they are!).  Someone who would help me see the big picture and notice opportunities I didn’t.  Someone who would help me map out my next steps and stay motivated to take them.

Of course, I didn’t realise that then!

I tried going it alone: painfully, plagued by constant doubt, and taking far too long.  It was no fun whatsoever, and I wish I’d saved the time, money and heartache by simply reaching out to someone to help me co-pilot!

So now I’m offering to be your co-pilot.  My own experiences mean I’ve racked up enough insight to save you years of struggle!  Plus I’ve got qualifications coming out of my ears…

Why work with me?

I qualified as a coach (life/career/business/executive) through the Association for Coaching and have a postgrad in Positive Psychology, and so I practise a form of Appreciative Coaching that helps clients get out of the weeds and realise their strengths and opportunities.  It’s exciting!

I have two further masters in Sociology and Anthropology, which gives me a fantastic big picture view of human belief and behaviour and the systems we exist in, so I can take our sessions ‘meta’ if you’re philosophically-inclined.  Or at least help you recognise how your experiences are influenced by the world around us. Thought-provoking stuff.

Another thing you might find helpful is that I’ve been an international teacher, trainer, lecturer, mentor and guide for over 20 years, so I’ve got a really good handle on supporting different kinds of people from wide-ranging backgrounds, including those whose first language isn’t English.

So then, if you’re feeling stuck, I might just be the best person to help you get unstuck!

Let’s have a chat, see if we click.  Book a free (no obligation!) 15 minute video call to ask any questions and get to know me better.

What happens in coaching?

That’s somewhat down to you.  You bring the focus, I bring the process.

The process involves me helping you get somewhere, whether it’s goal achievement or greater awareness or mindfully harnessing opportunities.

I don’t tell you what to do or judge your choices as good or bad.  Instead, I help you think things through as your reflective, questioning, observing and caring partner.

I share what I notice about you, challenge your thinking, help you connect the dots, and highlight your strengths and potential every step of the way.  I’m your accountability partner and I keep you on track.

In the long-term, I teach you how to be your own coach.

As for timing and duration, it depends on your needs and preferences.  Some people find six one-hour weekly sessions enough, others prefer a minimum of twelve.  Some like to meet once a fortnight or once a month for six months or more.  Others want one or two sessions to get them going, then they touch base every now and then for a refuel.

Get in touch and we can see what works for you.

Fyi, my coaching rates are on a sliding scale depending on what you can afford.

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Some of the nice things people have said…

Lorna is a highly intuitive, values-centred coach who became fully invested in my vision, helping me explore all possibilities that would capitalise on my passions and strengths. Her depth of understanding of the human mind along with her positive, uplifting and fun personality make her such a joy to work and grow with.
Lorna is able to articulate what is going on based on what she senses, which creates a high level of awareness. Her insights and great questions have enabled me to focus on what I do best.
I would highly recommend Lorna.
Rachel Neill

Rachel Neill

You are amazing and I am really very grateful for the sessions we had. I had some big breakthroughs particularly around money and I am making big changes because of it.. It’s not been easy but the truth is setting me free. Thank you for being a key part in this every unfolding process 🙂

Thrive Positive review by Jayne Seawright

Jayne Seawright

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About Lorna

For 20 years, I have been helping people learn more about themselves, build self-worth and reach their potential, first as a teacher and outdoor educator, then as a university lecturer and mentor, and now as a coach and trainer.

I enjoy listening to people, noticing the themes coming up that speak volumes about what matters most to them, then making them aware of what they’re not quite seeing.

I love asking questions that get people believing in the possibilities, steering them away from self-limiting beliefs and knee-jerk thinking habits and towards taking positive action.

I get a huge kick out of sharing my knowledge and experience in positive psychology, business, education and leadership with those looking for fuel for their mind and a mirror to their soul.

Fundamentally, what drives me is helping you be the best you can.  I want you to thrive!

Read more about my training, experience and background.